Local. Seasonal. Ecological Food Direct From Your Farmer

How are we different?

We truly value the relationship with our customers and our suppliers



Food Connect envisions a world where all Australians have access to healthy, fresh, ecologically-grown food that is fair to growers and eaters. We differ from conventional, profit-driven businesses because we work to bring economic, social and environmental benefits to society and we reinvest all of our trading surplus into fulfilling our mission.

Here are some facts and numbers that make Food Connect different:

  • Over 40% of our retail dollar is paid to our farmers, when the industry average is 10%
  • 75% of the weekly recommended fruit and vegetable consumption is met by our customers, when the Australian average is 38%
  • 100% of our product range fulfills ecological standards
  • Minimal packaging and minimal waste programs reduce our carbon footprint
  • 5% of our annual turnover is donated to community groups and food rescue programs
  • 25% of our staff come from marginalised backgrounds or long-term unemployment

Over the past 10 years, our simple yet powerful core values have had a positive impact on over 1500 Brisbane families who now choose every week to eat healthier, sustainable food grown naturally. By involving our customers and bringing them closer to the farmers and food producers we created a wonderful community and real change makers.

We are a social enterprise and financially support the Food Connect Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation with a vision of a world where all Australians can access healthy, fresh, ecologically-grown food that is fair to growers and eaters. Food Connect Foundation with the wonderful leadership of Board member Dr Scott John has taken it even further and initiated the Food Connect farmers group called the "Family Farmers United Network", a network for our farmers to share skills and maintain a stable and prosperous social, economic and cultural farming life.