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Wholegrain Milling Co

Wholegrain Milling is a family-owned business, that for over 30 years has specialised in the production of a wide range of superior organic flours and grain products, from grain that is grown, stored and milled with no chemical residue, using state-of-the-art Stone Mill and Roller Mill technologies, by highly skilled and experienced milling technicians.
Wholegrain Milling grain products come from those enlightened growers who farm with the old chemical-free methods of gentle soil aeration, co-cultivation and crop rotation. We are the millers who start up custom-built, old fashioned, yet modern stone mills, to protect the nutritive, textured and flavoursome qualities of the grain.
Food Connect has chosen Wholegrain for their consistent quality as used by some of our favourite Organic bakers, as well as their great product range of Australian grown Organic grains.

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