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Tsuno is the brainchild of Roz, an industrial designer, to create tampons and pads for women made with organic materials that work great and are easy on the environment.   In her own words:

"I felt compelled to try and do something to help. Life feels better for me when I help, and this is how I've decided to do so. 

I sourced a product from a manufacturer working with sustainable fibres. They make bamboo and corn fibre disposable sanitary pads. Bamboo is an amazing material. It grows so quickly, the harvesting process doesn't erode the soil- it's cut like a grass, and keeps growing, rather than being ripped out by the roots like most plants. It's naturally pest resistant, meaning no chemical fertilisers or pesticides are needed to grow it. The structure of the fibre is quite hollow, so it has lots of room for absorbing moisture, which is perfect for pads, drawing the moisture away from your body. 

My manufacturers and I have worked together on making a version of our pads that no longer requires a polyethylene under layer (the leak proof part!) and we have replaced this recently in 2017 with a biodegradable corn starch based film. Our products in Australia now have this material.  Then they are individually wrapped in a biodegradable plastic sleeve to keep them clean, a recyclable cardboard box, again, reducing the plastic that will sit in landfill forever. They are also free from chlorine and dioxin bleach. 

Our tampons are made from certified organic cotton because we don't think pesticides and synthetics are cool, in our bodies or in the environment. Our pads are made from natural bamboo fibre because it's comfy, extremely soft and absorbent and has great sustainability credentials. These bamboo pads (and now organic cotton tampons too!) I sell go under the name Tsuno. If you are wondering how to say that, it's kind of like tsunami. But it didn't actually have anything to do with a giant 'crimson wave', that was a funny connection I realised afterwards. Yoko Tsuno was a cartoon character who was the epitome of a competent woman. She was an engineer, a pilot, a scuba diver, amongst many other great things. Nothing really held her back, and definitely not her period. I liked the name. It's good. Tsuno is good."

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