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Steve & Julie Stead

The Stead's are a small farming operation made up of mum, dad and kids. One of their sons has just finished a 2 year traineeship in Organic Agriculture at Symara Organic Farm. The next son is into his first year of Productive Horticulture and works at Jolly Good Produce. They are pursuing a dream that they always thought was out of their reach - small, viable, sustainable farming.

steads farm

The Granite Belt is the perfect place to grow veggies in Summer that can't be grown in most other parts of QLD due to the heat. The Steads grow sustainably and chemically free because that is part of who they are - part of their value system. That value system has extended from their own veggie patch and onto your plate. In contributing to the health of the plants, soil, air, water systems, they contribute to the health of their own family, the families of Food Connect and those of future generations. This is sustainable 'LIVING' - to be full of life, fulfilling, nourishing, nurturing, intelligent, vibrant, flourishing and interesting.

steads farm

Their desire, in the process, is to also nurture ‘sustainable’ LIVING relationships within their own family, with their customers and suppliers. A journey of learning, education, sharing and bringing everyone involved together in a fulfilling way. Supplying the fruits of their labour to the Food Connect community has been an enriching, inspiring journey for the whole family. Inspiring because people like Food Connect make such a dream possible and help you want to keep on going when the going gets tough. Not only the tough times but FC celebrates with you when it all comes off nicely and you get the feeling they are interested in seeing your success and supporting your growth and learning.

steads farm

It is rewarding to feel that the produce is valued and appreciated after all the heart, soul and hard work that is poured into getting healthy produce from the paddock to your plate! Learning to value the journey with its ups and downs, creating meaningful relationships, having an open mind to learning, enjoying the fruit of your labour - isn't that what life is about? They have been supplying Food Connect since 2011, most of that time under the Certified Naturally Grown banner, but recently they have become Certified Organic under the OFC label.

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