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Simply Clean - Becky Thompson and Huw Jones

The road to being co-owners of a Lismore based cleaning products business was far from conventional for energetic couple, Becky Thompson and Huw Jones. Both originally from the UK, they pursued careers in the corporate world before moving to Australia with work in 1996. An ‘epiphany’ at Uluru in 1999 saw the couple throw in their corporate roles and travel around Australia, where they were taken with the diverse culture and beauty of the NSW North Coast. They planned to settle there some day. After the arrival of their two girls, in 2010 the couple decided to fulfil Huw’s dream of working for himself, they headed north and set about looking for a business of their own. 

In 2011, Huw and Becky came across Mountain Cleaning Products, based in Lismore, and saw great potential. The 15 year old business had a well-earned reputation for excellence, with over 100 professional-quality cleaning products for commercial use and a sound customer base stretching from Victoria to SE Queensland. Their combined backgrounds in management, sales, marketing and product development; and Becky's original training as a chemist, provided an excellent base to expand the business. With that, Mountain became the stepping stone for a healthy direction with Simplyclean.

Just over 15 months later, Simplyclean was launched, with *star* ingredient, lemon myrtle oil at the heart of the cleaning products' range. 

Now Simplyclean is supplied to over 300 retail outlets in Australia. Huw and Becky still deliver personally to some of the local stores and across the border into Queensland. The Simplyclean range continues to expand and Huw, Becky and the Simplyclean team are very proud to be providing a healthier alternative.

Our toxic free cleaning products will help you protect your family in your home environment

There's a growing understanding that one key way to safeguard our long-term health is by keeping unhealthy chemicals out of our homes...whether that be in the food we are eating, the personal care products and cosmetics we use on our bodies, or the products we use for cleaning.  

In 2012, when Simplyclean launched in Australia, there was already a number of eco cleaning products available, of varying levels of authenticity (and there still are) but the focus on human-healthy cleaning was pretty much neglected.

The inspiration behind Simplyclean was to provide a healthier alternative

With Simplyclean the health benefits are two-fold

We wanted to introduce a toxin free and sensitiser free cleaning range completely free of irritating chemicals to provide relief for all the people out there who have any kind of skin sensitivity or allergy.

We also wanted to provide an alternative for people who, like many of us, are concerned about the carcinogenic (hazardous) effect that daily exposure to harmful chemicals used in the home can have on our long term health.

In essence, we've eliminated toxic chemicals in cleaning products, with Simplyclean.

Choosing safer ingredients

We assess the health safeness of all Simplyclean ingredients using reputable national and International sources, including:

What we leave out

All Simplyclean products are toxin free and sensitiser free. We want to help you protect your family in your home environment. No asthma irritants or skin sensitisers. No nasties or concerning chemicals like SLS, SLES, parabens, mineral oils or diethanolamides, all commonly found in everyday cleaning products.

Simplyclean hand and body washes suit the whole family, from very young to very old. Our cleaning products are healthy too, being mindful that many come into contact with your skin, your kitchen bench, food utensils and the places where your kids play.

Our environmentally friendly cleaning products are biodegradable, eco-responsible and grey water safe

By carefully selecting the right combination of ingredients, we make sure Simplyclean products are safe for our earth as well as our home environments.

Whenever possible we choose plant-derived and mineral based ingredients and we avoid using non-sustainable resources, such as palm oil.

Our already health safe ingredients have been assessed for biodegradability, moderation in pH and overall environmental impact with reference to reputable national and International sources, including:

  • GECA: Good Environmental Choice Australia's Cleaning Products Environmental Performance Standard

  • Lanfax Laboratories Review of Laundry Powders in conjunction with Choice: This provides a review of sodium and phosphorus content of laundry powders and recommendations on safe levels for grey water use

  • Friends of the Earth

  • ‚Ä®Hazardous Substances Information System (HSIS) in conjunction with Safe Work Australia: This provides data about all base ingredients and their potential hazards

We can be confident that Simplyclean products are:

  • Biodegradable

  • Eco-responsible

  • Grey water safe

And almost all are septic safe (our disinfectant cleaner may not be, depending on how it is used).

Simplyclean really does clean. Our health and earth-safe formulations are guaranteed to deliver on cleaning performance.

Unfortunately many eco products just do not stack up against the mainstream brands.  At Simplyclean we've made sure we're giving you a real and effective healthier alternative.

The star ingredient in much of our Simplyclean range is pure Australian lemon myrtle oil. This ancient native oil is renowned for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and it smells beautiful too. The marriage between lemon myrtle oil and our carefully created formulations delivers excellent results against grime, grease and germs.

Plus, the recent formulation and launch of our "Powered by Oxygen" products (Simply NO Mould and PureClean) brings you an oxygen boost to cleaning in the laundry, the bathroom and tackling indoor mould.

Our product development and pre-launch testing are vital steps to making sure Simplyclean products perform as you need them to.   We assess cleaning power “in-use”, in real family homes.  We also carry out extensive performance testing against the market leading mainstream and eco-brands.  It's only when this is done and we're satisfied that you'll be really happy with performance, that we launch any addition to our Simplyclean range.

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