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Sally Hookey & Peter Heineger

This is a family of small scale certified organic farmers, with around 750 feijoa trees on 11 acres in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. They started growing feijoas because they grew up with them and really missed their unique addictive flavour, and love being able to bring a new taste to many aussie palates. Feijoas are jam-packed full of vitamin c and antioxidants, and come into season in March and April each year, building us up for the winter months ahead. They believe that to grow food with chemicals negates the health-giving properties of the food, can cause illness and allergies, as well as causing endless harm to the environment. Organic farming cares for the health of the entire cycle, from soil, to air, to water, to the farmers that spend so much time in the field, and to anyone who eats our food. It makes them extremely proud to know that they have done the best possible job in growing nutrient-packed feijoas for anyone who enjoys them. Working with Food Connect allows them as farmers to access a wholesale environment without a middle-man, agents, fees, uncertain pricing, and supermarket tactics. They love to hear back from Food Connect clients who have enjoyed our fruit, and appreciate every one who uses the Food Connect system to support local farmers like them!

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