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Rosalind Cairns

Echo Valley is a beautiful, historic working farm (grass-fed beef cattle and a chemical-free kiwi fruit orchard) set on 180 acres in Springbrook located within the Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia.

Echo Valley supplies delicious chemical-free kiwi fruit to Food Connect (April-July). The kiwi fruit orchard is unique in many ways : it is over 30 years old; was one of the first kiwi fruit orchards planted in Australia; has never been pesticide sprayed; is not netted; is not irrigated; has had minimal chemical usage over the years and no chemicals have been used since 2010; grows both the Hayward and Bruno kiwi fruit varieties; is a small boutique orchard set on 3 acres with about 500 plants producing about 5t; the kiwi fruit is left on the plant for longer for increased sugar levels and therefore taste (brix level 6.5+); the kiwi fruit is hand-picked, sorted and packed with minimal cool room storage before being distributed.

With a lot of hard work, perseverance and planning the orchard is now well-managed and using environmentally-friendly, natural, sustainable, best practice farming methods. We are working towards being Certified Organic. This is important for keeping our unique environment (including the waterways, forests and wildlife) beautiful, healthy and safe as well as for everyone’s wellbeing.

Food Connect is a wonderful organisation that supports and encourages local farmers to grow their produce sustainably and ethically by giving fair prices for good quality, seasonal and chemical-free produce. They are a reliable buyer and distributor. They provide opportunities for growers and consumers to connect. They help to bridge the gap between rural and urban Australia by increasing the understanding of farming and where food comes from………… this is why Echo Valley likes to supply Food Connect.

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