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Robin & Kay Curtis

Robin and Kay Curtis organically farm 2200 acres of rich country on the Darling Downs in Queensland. The nearest town is Millmerran; which is some 140 miles West South West of Brisbane. Robin grew up on a family farm, where he learnt his farming skills from his late father. He then went on to study science and engineering and also studied at the College of International Business. In his younger days Robin had a career in international tennis. Kay was educated in Brisbane and went into banking before marrying and establishing a family of five children and has many active pursuits.

Robin and Kay are producers of a wide range of organic grains including cereals, oilseeds and legumes. The farm produces organic, grass-finished beef from the Poll Hereford breed of cattle, and they also grow watermelons, rockmelons and pumpkins for Food Connect. Robin helped write the national organic standards for certified organic growers, and says that one of the challenges for organic growers is the requirements is that they keep their own seed. When growers use hybrids this leads to the future generations being not true to type, so he overcomes this by using open pollinated heirloom varieties. Some of the varieties that he grows, including red wheat are hundreds of years old.

Robin says “Many years ago we chose the pathways of organic/biological production systems because we believed that one day many consumers world wide would want food that was certified free of man made toxins. Food produced in this manner is in harmony with environmentally sustainable management systems.”

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