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Richard Patton

Richard is a long time supporter of Food Connect (since Robert Pekin got him involved in the early days) and of Community Supported Agriculture, market places (stallholder for past 35 years at The Channon Market ) Food Co-ops and any method of getting clean (certified organic) produce or products to people who desire them. He offers any produce from his Warra Warra Organic farm situated high in the Border Ranges of NNSW to Food Connect first, before sending to wholesale markets.

Richard supplies us with certified organic mangoes, chocolate sapote,  and his Red Dragon Organics -Organic ginger beer and the extraordinary organic Living Elixir – the worlds first turmeric ginger beer, and even first turmeric drink.

12 years ago he set up a certified organic beverage processing kitchen in Lismore, originally known as Red Dragon Inn (his market stall name – being like a non alcoholic English pub) and now known as Red Dragon Organics.

The purpose of this was:

a) to provide a market for expanding certified organic farming in the Northern Rivers region.

b) to provide a clean organic beverage alternative to the toxic multinational products then damaging particularly young people’s immune systems and mental capabilities.

c) to promote Regional Sustainability and reduce reliance on ‘imported’ multinational toxic additive products.

d) to inform people about issues of food toxicity via an extensive website and promo cards

e) to boost people’s energetic states and awareness levels through the provision of exceptional quality beverages so better to handle the complex environmental issues of the day

After 9 years of financial loss (!)  Red Dragon Organics is now profitable as the market trends in food and beverage come to appreciate all those things that Richard has been going on about for the last 12 years !-

Ie. Raw, unpasteurised certified organic products

    Living,  fermented in the bottle products

    Small batch, unprocessed labour intensive products

    Using only hand juiced cold pressed juices

    Being an ethical, purposeful, artisanal independent Regional business

    Presenting food as medicine.

    Using the highest quality ingredients available , without exception

    Considering sustainability in every decision, big or small and supporting grass    roots activism and localism.

And his innovative Living Elixir product, which has shaken up the entire Australian beverage market and perceptions within it. continues to challenge the volume of organic ginger and turmeric grown in Australia, as sales of this product grow by word of mouth at 40 + % per annum since introduction just over 3 years ago.



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