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Raymond Mancy

As part of a tree change to the Lockyer Valley, Ray decided to get a single beehive out of sheer curiosity. He quickly became hooked on bees, and the number of hives started growing. Shortly after, he moved back into Brisbane, and brought our bees with him. They absolutely thrived, and before he knew it he had more hives and honey than he knew what to do with. Blown away by the flavour and variety of honey that these urban bees were bringing in, and given that there's only so much honey that family and friends could eat, he decided to start sharing the honey with a wider audience. So The Bee Yard was born, and now from around 12 locations throughout Brisbane Raymond harvests and bottles this raw, unprocessed honey. Look out for honey from a new location at regular intervals. Each one is from one hive and can be different in colour and taste from each harvest.

Urban Honey is by nature from mixed blossoms - the bees really are spoilt with the beautiful backyards and street plantings yielding plenty of blossoms.

The Bee Yard does not:
* Use toxic timber preservatives, nor paint the inside of our hives
* Clip queen wings
* Destroy brood comb
* Use any kind of chemical/treatment in managing hives
* Feed sugar syrup
* Heat our honey
* Use plastic combs
The Bee Yard does:
* Leave plenty of honey on our hives for the bees
* Let the bees draw their own wax


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