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Ray & Samantha Palmer

Despite being a relative new comer to growing organic vegetables, farming has always been a passion for them. Their property is 350 acres with 60 per cent being heavily vegetated with an endangered ecosystem. In amongst the trees and rocks there are small pockets of cleared land for vegetables.

Until recently Ray grazed cattle on land not used for crops. The cattle are now all sold as Ray got fed up with them jumping fences to get into the vegetables. One of Ray’s main passions is organic farming and sustainability. Having worked first hand with the chemicals used in horticulture and being made aware of the health impacts on himself and the environment, he has worked towards getting his farm certified organic. Our relationship with Food Connect is very important to us for a number of reasons. We get a fair price for produce. It is also good dealing with people who appreciate tasty produce and don’t mind if the broccoli in a box are different sizes. Not only are we suppliers to Food Connect but they are also subscribers.

For them it has been invaluable to be part of the full cycle as they can now see things from both sides, as a producer and a customer. Growing organic vegetables continues to be a steep learning curve. Ray is in his element walking around the property, bare footed and observing nature at work. At present they are growing a wide variety of vegetables including a range of heirloom and heritage varieties. Look for the Black Russian tomatoes in your boxes in the warmer months! They have been supplying to Food Connect since 2005.

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