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Randal and Juanita Breen (Echo Valley Farms)

At Echo Valley Farms we pride ourselves on producing ethical, holistic, Pastured Eggs! We prioritize the health, wellbeing and natural instincts of our pastured hens, making sure they have the best possible life available to them, whilst working for us to produce the healthiest, freshest and tastiest eggs possible.

Pastured eggs refers to eggs that are laid by hens that live on the pasture 24/7. During the day they graze the pasture, eating bugs, oats, natural grass seeds, pasture grasses and natural legumes. In addition to this, they also have constant access to a certified organic grain, which is there to boost any required nutrition that may be lacking in the hens diet. At night they line themselves up and head into a mobile van, lined with perches and nesting boxes, where they lay their eggs during the day. These mobile sheds are moved regularly around our paddocks to keep them on fresh and healthy pasture! Our current stocking rates equate to approximately 250 hens p/ha! That means more room for them to scratch, eat, live and be happy! All these practices mean we produce healthier, fresher and better tasting EGGS, whilst knowing we are doing our part to improve the environment, community health and animal quality of life! '


Food Connect hosted a wonderful farm tour and Randall and Juanita's farm in 2015. You can read all about it here.

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