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Paul Foster

Paul has been running a certified organic farm (certified by Australian Certified Organic) of around 1½ acres in Bellingen, Northern NSW, since 1992. Before that he had a larger full time farm, but now he grows just garlic and Jap pumpkins and keeps himself busy in other ways.

Paul also works as an agricultural contractor, visiting other farmers to help them out with the harvest or other jobs around the farm. This means that machinery and man power is used as efficiently as possible, and the produce gets to us as quickly as possible once it is ready to be harvested.

He helps other organic farmers in the area get their produce to market by acting as their agent. Some farmers are great at growing, and some are great at talking, and lucky for us, Paul is good at both! Acting as an agent for the local producers is a great use of skills and a fantastic example of farmers pooling resources to help each other out.

Paul likes supplying Food Connect because of the friendly staff and family environment here at the Homestead.

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