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Paul Flower

Paul produces juicy limes for the Food Connect boxes, and also raises cattle for other markets at his lush property near Kyogle.

Paul and Elizabeth try to make use of all the resources that are naturally available to them on their organic farm. As well as employing emus, they use a canopy of native trees rather than shade cloth to keep their limes out of the direct sunlight.

The conventional market for limes is driven completely by the appearance of the fruit. They concluded that judging fruit by appearance alone was naïve and that we all need to know the stories behind the farming and supply of our food. This is where they think Food Connect is way ahead of the pack. Every piece of food has a story and some of them are not that appealing.

They will continue to use new boxes to send our limes and use simple rot prevention strategies such as gentle handling, cleaning with soft cloths and keeping the stylar end of the fruit (the pointy end) intact. Paul's trees flowering at different stages of the year, but usually there are limes available from Christmas till Winter.

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