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 Ian Burrow


When shopping from Food Connect you can trust that the farmers & makers producing what you eat are hard working locals who care about quality and sustainability and look after our environment. The food sold through Food Connect is good for your health and good for the planet!

Are you curious to know who grows your broccoli? By clicking on any product name while shopping on our website, you can access full information on its growers or makers, including pictures and address (or see our farmers list below). We regularly organise farm tours and encourage our customers to come along to see for themselves how their food is grown, learn more about what’s involved in sustainable food production and have a fantastic family day at the farm!

At Food Connect we value hard work and want to make sure everyone in the food production chain is paid a fair price: we pay our farmers about four times the amount they would get from big chains, and we make it possible by cutting the middle man. This means that more of your dollars go directly to the people who actually made or grew the food you’re buying, as it should be. 

Are you a farmer in South East Queensland? Do you take good care of your land and have a holistic approach to farming? Do you grow your produce ecologically? If you farm using no toxic chemicals, biodynamically or organically, you can find out more about selling through us here. 

What our farmers say about us...
"Apart from fair prices that enable us as growers to keep on going, there is also the learning side and the relationship side with Food Connect – the side that makes it all count. The side that adds the beauty and joy and fulfilment to life. It is part of the ‘why’ we do it, sharing the journey with our whole family. It enables us to develop good, solid relationships within our own life too"Steve, Julie and Family (Stead)

What our customers say about our farm tours...
"My understanding of the day's objective was to create/enhance personal connections between urban consumers and the rural producers of their food. We live in a world where the common perception is that food "comes" from the supermarket with little consideration of the story behind every item we purchase. Saturday was a resounding success in giving us a great picture and personal appreciation of the producers we met. You have my utmost appreciation for organising this special day" - M Coulter, Summer 2016 Farm Tour participant

Want to see a full list of our farmers and makers? Click here