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Want to become a City Cousin?

There are over 70 city cousins across Brisbane


You know how we all used to have a 'Country Cousin' in the family who we visited during school holidays? Well we've turned that idea around to create City Cousins! To save on travel miles and our carbon footprint, we engage with passionate locals, community organisations and businesses who open their space for us to deliver your boxes to them. We like to call it "lowering the fences" in the neighbourhood.

What is required of our City Cousins

  • A clean space that is out of the elements (i.e. no direct sunlight, out of the rain)

  • A friendly home or business with a willingness to help and talk about how great Food Connect is to the customers, you will be like an ambassador for us

  • Some computer skills, you need to log into our database from time to time when people pick up the wrong order

  • Easy access for customers and the driver, lots of stairs is not great

  • Willingness to build your customer numbers, when starting a new location we like to have 5-10 dedicated customers 

  • Be able to attend social gatherings and interact with us through our City Cousin Facebook page

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please get in touch with our team via info@foodconnect.com.au. We can't wait to hear from you!