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Neil & Tania Richards

Last year Neil and Tania Richards took over operation of the Big Orange farm gate store from Eric and Kate Sturgess. We have worked with Eric since 2006, enjoying his super sweet imperial mandarins and other citrus, his sense of humour and hard work to move towards chemical free growing and tree ripening. We reckon Neil and Tania will do an equally good job, with decades of experience in citrus growing and a new commitment to go as organic as possible.

Between Food Connect and the shop they are able to sell all their crop without resorting to the conventional market - this allows them to grow a healthy product rather than aiming for perfect looking fruit. They find it fantastic to be involved with the Food Connect community as this is the way of the future for them and its satisfying to sell their fruit knowing the health benefits for everyone. In the next seasons they hope to have a few more varieties coming on.

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