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Murray Olsson

Olsson Industries is the only family-owned and operated company producing salt in Australia. Luxurious, delicate and perfectly formed Olsson’s Sea Salt Flakes made from the pristine waters of the Great Barrier Reef: completely natural, free of chemicals and preservatives, exceptional sea salt taste. They are delicate enough to be crumbled in the finders and have a fresh flavour evocative of the pure Ocean waters from which is was made

In addition to salt products Olsson’s also manufacture nutritional supplements for livestock, such as cattle, sheep, goats, horses, etc.All animals, humans included, require both sodium and chloride for life and health. Since the body cannot manufacture either, they are “essential” nutrients. While developed countries dedicate most of their salt to chemical production, developing countries often use most of their salt for human and animal nutrition. The salt is sourced from the waters of the Great Barrier Reef off Rockhampton.

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