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Markus Bucher

Maleny Cheese is a family owned Queensland small business. It consists of two families and a team of dedicated and experienced staff. They have been working together since April 2004 when Maleny Cheese first opened its doors to the public. The Bucher family came to Maleny after living in Switzerland, Townsville, Perth, Margaret River and Adelaide. Over the years they gathered a variety of business experiences having had a successful village delicatessen in Switzerland and worked for small business and State Government across Australia. Together, Sara and Markus planned their biggest challenge ever and came to Maleny with their four school aged children to put their ‘demonstration cheesery’ plan into action. Today all six members of the family assist the business to continue to grow. Fortuitously, Markus and Sara met the Simpson’s a few months upon arrival in Maleny at the local agricultural show. By mid 2001 they had joined to create Maleny Cheese. Markus Bucher is the Maleny Cheese Swiss master cheese maker. His cheese-making career has taken him from Switzerland to many states of Australia, but it was his passion for perfection that led him to Maleny. In Maleny, Markus sources top quality, silage free milk from a small herd of cows, just like back in Switzerland. With this milk he is able to make his exquisite range of premium quality dairy goods. Perfect for Food Connect! The Simpson family are third generation dairy farmers. They milk around 120 head of Friesian, Illawarra, and Guernsey cows on the family owned farm. The farm is situated on the steep slopes of Maleny and has spectacular views of the Glasshouse Mountains and the Sunshine Coast. The cows graze year round on green mountain pastures. Because of the small herd size the cows receive individual care and attention – it so impressed one experienced Australian cheese maker (and retired dairy farmer) that he commented on seeing the herd for himself, that the Simpson’s cows are ‘happy cows’. Today, the small herd is milked morning and night with milk going to the cheesery on almost a daily basis. The Maleny Cheese Team has grown since April 2004 from a small team of three to thirty (as of August 2008). There are two experienced Swiss trained cheese makers in the production area, Simon Guggisberg and Richard Egli, as well as Markus Bucher and Norman Oehmichen.

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