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Mandarins, Imperial - 2kg

Mandarins, Imperial - 2kg

The imperial mandarins are sweet with a great tang, have a loose skin that gets puffier and looser as the season goes on, and are an absolute favourite with kids.

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Imperial Mandarins

Neil and Tanya Richards run the Big Orange at Gayndah, selling their super fresh citrus to tourists, as well as to Food Connect. They purchased much of the attached farm from Eric Sturgess who supplied Food Connect for many years but has scaled back. Neil and Tanya are committed to turning the farm over to fully organic methods, a process which Eric had started. There are no fungicides, insecticides, wax dips used on Neil's fruit. He picks each week only when the fruit are tree ripened, and does not artificially alter the colour in ripening rooms so you may notice some green patches which do not indicate ripeness.

Neil & Tania Richards

A small family orange farm at Gayndah supplying us with naturally ripened chemical free oranges, mandarins and lemons since 2006

Certification: Ecological - Uncertified
Growing Method: Chemical Free