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Luke Stacey

About the Farm

Naturaleza Farm is a regenerative family managed permaculture property located adjacent to the Noosa everglades in Cootharaba South East Queensland. We also share farm at Wharenui Avocados in Amamoor and are transitioning from our Lagoon Pocket farm.  We produce seasonally ethically grown gourmet artesian produce with the support of nature in our permaculture designed open heirloom polyculture landscape, where 10 percent of our profits are donated to support community projects. 

Farming method

We’re very conscious about what we eat and what farming methods we use that’s why our medicinal produce and ferments are grown naturally using an ecosystems approach which repairs the landscape, values other plants and animals on the property, minimizes off farm inputs, is chemical free and in our eyes beyond organic. Our produce is Carefarmed, the Mary Valley Country Harvest Cooperatives ethical and environmentally conscious farm certification framework. We also use biodynamic preparations and natural farming methods such as making our own composts and biofertilisers.                                                            

When /why we started

Although our Elephant garlic is a family heirloom, first planted by our late grandpa in the 1950’s, it wasn’t until 2013 that Naturaleza Farm was conceived. A lifetime of learnings including a background as an environmental consultant, Woofing around Latin America and helping others on their farming journeys inspired us to join the food sovereignty movement, providing fresh medicinal produce to the local market. 

Why Food Connect

At Naturaleza farm we only sell our produce (little babies) to those who also possess similar food ethics and appreciate our farming methods and produce. Were passionate about locavore, farming ethically, humanely and not just sustainably, but regeneratively repairing our degraded farming landscapes while producing wholesome nutritious produce. As big believers in food sovereignty we value the contribution Food Connect is making, providing not just an outlet and an existence for farmers, but joining and connecting the community.

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