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Luigi & Rosanna Zanesco

Luigi and Rosanna Zanesco’s farm is situated in Richlands, just 12km from the Homestead. It has been in the family since Rosanna’s grandparents bought it, it was then passed to Rosanna’s parents, Dominic and Gina Reginato, before being passed to Rosanna and Luigi around 20 or 25 years ago. The farm is still run as a family farm, with a team of pickers and helpers at busy times.

They have grown strawberries, tomatoes, capsicum and eggplant in the past but now their main produce is strawberries and figs. They use chemical spray free growing methods and pest control methods whenever possible. The Zanescos find that farming without chemicals creates much healthier, fresher crops and fruit. It is the way they have always farmed and it has always been a productive and effective way to farm.

The Zanescos sell their produce to Food Connect and to other outlets in the area as far as northern NSW. They like to supply Food Connect as we pay a reasonable price, place regular orders and have a great team of staff to support the operation of their farm.

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