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Felix and Sandy, Kin Kin Naturals

Kin Kin Naturals is a Noosa Hinterland based family business, passionate about making local, all natural cleaning products that actually work.  When Food Connect went looking for a range of cleaning products that fit into our ethos, Kin Kin was a natural fit.

Here are a few words from them:

We use only ingredients we would put in our own backyard or close to our children's skin.

Formulating a detergent is a bit of an art. We're skilled in this art like no other eco brand, due to our past experience of formulating OMO detergents. Based on the combination of these skills and 100% natural ingredients, we're so proud people often tell us these are natural products that actually work!

We select our ingredients based on common sense and the latest dermatologic literature. You will find no SLS, LAS or any toxic or skin sensitizing ingredients in Kin Kin naturals products.

If you consider the amount of carbon emissions involved in transporting heavy products like detergents, we believe that eco-friendly brands should be made as locally as possible. Compared to overseas produced brands, our products reduce carbon emissions by at least 85% - and even 95% if our products are sold within Queensland.

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