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Josh and Wei'er Higgs

Josh & Wei’er are fermenting fanatics. They love anything fermented from sauerkraut, pickled eggs all the way to fermented cod livers. If you are ever invited into their home, always expect to see their counter top lined with bubbling jars of wild ferments. Always been on a conveniently “healthy” diet, Wei’er struggled with multiple tooth cavities, intolerances, thyroid & digestive issues in her late teens. These prompt her to search deeper to understand the body and its needs. Stumbling into the world of fermented foods enlightened them on Hippocrates’s quote “Let thy food be thy medicine.” 

With the introduction of fermented foods into their life, they never felt more nourished and energetic. Being empowered with their personal experience, Gutsy was created to revive the lost art of fermenting by handcrafting wild fermented Krauts and conducting fermentation workshops.

Gutsy Krauts are handcrafted by first being salted with Australian sea salt, punched & teased to produce a juicy brine by the Kraut Master. Once ready, the Kraut is transferred into either fermenting vessel and weighed down with stone weights. There the cabbage sits and allowed to wildly ferment by the existing lactic acid forming bacteria found on the surface of the vegetables.

5 reasons why we are crazy about Kraut:

1. It is power packed with raw probiotics, immune boosting vitamins, free radical fighting antioxidants & fiber all in a jar.

2. A tablespoon of Kraut per meal is sufficient to nourish your guts with millions of good bacteria that assist in efficient digestion, increased energy & improved moods.

3. Encapsulates the bounty of each season and allows everyone to enjoy each harvest over an extended period of time.

4. Say goodbye to chopping!! Eating Kraut is the easiest & best way to eat veggies. Just scoop it out of the jar and toss with your meal.

5. Taste mouthwatering delicious!!!

Gutsy Krauts aims to produce superior quality ferments with the following promise:

1. Only certified organic/ chemical free and locally sourced (as much as possible) produce are used in our Krauts

2. We only ferment in either fermenting stoneware crocks or oak barrels. Never plastic (not even food grade plastics)!

3. All our Krauts wildly fermented (i.e without the use of a starter culture) to allow the ferment to go through a full fermentation cycle, reach the optimum level of gut beneficial bacteria & develop complex flavor notes.

4. We only ferment under anaerobic conditions to prevent the growth of any moulds and to give our Kraut its signature crunch.

5. All our Krauts are fermented for at least 2 weeks or more, depending on the surrounding temperatures.

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