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Ian Campbell

Barambah Organics is a family based company located in Oxley, Brisbane, producing high quality certified organic products. Barambah Organics sources its fresh organic milk from its own farm at Glenarbon, situated on the Dumaresq River, on the NSW/QLD border. At Barambah Organics all the calves that are born on the property stay within their care. Their calves are not considered to be waste products. At the age of 6 months the females are taken to another property which is 20kms from the dairy farm. There they have 1,300 acres to roam. The males are taken to the 1,000 acre property at Murgon – no Barambah calves are sent to the abattoir. Barambah’s dairy farmer Ian Campbell has been in the dairy industry for many years now and he has seen the true respect and regard that so many dairy farmers give to their animals.

Agriculture is one of the toughest industries to be in and the recent floods were just devastating to so many farmers in QLD after so many years of drought. Ian says, “The average dairy farmer works a 16 hour day and I can tell you that it is not for the money that they do it. Strangely it is for the lifestyle, as dairy farmers truly love their animals and all family members can work together. Our girls love nothing more than to be helping milk the cows with their dad on a weekend and feeding calves”. Food Connect is proud to supply Barambah Organics cheese, creams, quark and yoghurt – with the marinated feta being a particular favourite! Please check out the Barambah website for more information on their products, including ingredients, nutritional information and recipes.

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