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Ian & Linda Burow

Linda and Ian Burow live at Mount Cotton in the Redlands Coast – making them two of our closest farmers of all. Ian is a fifth generation farmer and takes pride growing delicious avocados, mangoes, lychees and sprouts for us. One of the best (and sometimes one of the hardest) parts of belonging to a CSA type scheme is waiting for the things that you love to come into season.

We love when Linda and Ian's boxes of lychees, mangos and avocados roll into the warehouse at different points in the year. We even enjoy his spouts from time to time. All produce is worth celebrating but lychees are extras special as some years produce a bountiful crop and other years the trees just don’t produce fruit at all. Ian and Linda have been supplying to Food Connect since 2006.

Listen to a lovely interview with Ian and his relationship with us here

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