Local. Seasonal. Ecological Food Direct From Your Farmer

How It Works

Buy farm fresh produce online every week




Shopping through Food Connect is easy! You can see what’s available, order and pay online and then, on delivery day, you pick up from your nearest City Cousin. Just follow the steps below or call the office at 07 3216 7777.

We made it simple and convenient for you to...

  • get fresh, seasonal and ecological food directly from local farmers
  • pick up your groceries from a City Cousin in your neighbourhood
  • set-up recurring orders to make sure you never run out of delicious, healthy food
  • make a real difference for your health, your local economy and the environment

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1. How to place an online order

Browse through our “Shop Here” page and choose what you like. Make sure you take a good look at every section, and if you’re not sure whether something is available or not, give us a call. When placing an order you will be asked whether you want it to be... 

  • a one-off order - with a minimum spend of $25, or
  • an ongoing order - which you will receive regularly, weekly or fortnightly

Remember! Orders must be placed by 10PM on Sundays for same week delivery.


city cousin map

2. How to find your City Cousin for pick up

Check the map to see where the pick up spot in your area is. Your order will be delivered to the City Cousin you choose and you can pick it up from there on delivery day, either Tuesday or Wednesday. 

Remember! Each City Cousin have their own delivery days and hours, which you will receive via email once your order is confirmed. Give your City Cousin a call to arrange your first groceries pick-up.

No City Cousin near you?
We offer home delivery to customers for a flat fee of $8. We also have some co-operatives that buy bulk from us that you might like to join. Or.. YOU might like to be a City Cousin? Click here to find out more. 



weekly newsletter3. How to make the most out of Food Connect

Sign-up to our newsletter and check the weekly harvest to see what’s available. Whether you subscribe to a weekly box or order something different each week, the newsletter will provide all the information about what produce is available and where it  comes from, exciting recipes, season specials, new products in store and community events near you.

Remember! We sell a lot more than farm fresh produce. All of our sweet treats and breads are made daily here at the Food Connect Homestead, and we have beautiful dairy products, teas and coffees, grains, juices and probiotic drinks made with love not far from Brisbane.

Still have questions? Check the FAQs or give us a call at 07 3216 7777