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Frontier Pets - Diana Scott

Our VISION is to end Factory Farming
And we’re going to do this in the most unexpected way.
We’re producing a range of superior pet products using only high welfare ingredients and materials that support ethical producers.
This will provide a very real commercial contribution to help sustain and grow this very important industry.
The more support we give to ethical producers, and the more awareness we bring to the true cost of Factory Farming, the less call there will be for Factory Farmed products.    

We all know the value of eating fresh, healthy food.  It’s the same for our dogs.  They too thrive on organic produce, fruit & veg and a balanced diet.  In line with our vision to bring you the best, freshest food, direct from the farmer, Food Connect has partnered with Frontier Pets, to deliver the same kind of quality in a dog food, in the most ultra-convenient way.

Frontier Pet food is raw, but freeze-dried, so can just be stored in your cupboard.  When you’re ready to feed, you just add warm water so your dog gets a warm, fresh meal every time.

It’s made using only 100% ethically sourced ingredients - we love that!  It contains no preservatives, GMO’s or grain.  It does contain organic fruit & veg, turmeric and free-range eggs, plus free-range and ethically farmed meat protein. 

There’s nothing else like it on the planet and it comes directly from Farm to Fido.

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