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Doug and Rachelle Cameron, Nive Beef

We (Doug and Rachelle) both grew up on the land and are continuing our family grazing traditions. We produce our cattle using low stress, ethical practices. To start off we made jerky for family and friends. The feedback we received led us to venture into commercial production of a traditional jerky. We can guarantee the premium quality because it is a genuine paddock to packet product.

Our guaranteed traceable food chain from paddock to packet using a quality fusion of Angus and Charolais beef cattle. The jerky meat is butchered by hand. Much care and attention goes into ensuring that our customers experience an authentic jerky with a home-made look and taste.

It’s a preservative free product as well as free of vegetable gums and contains no fillers – so you’re buying 100% beef.

No herbicides, pesticides or chemicals of any kind are used on the property.

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