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Dick & Dora Rochford

Dick and Dora Rochford have been farming garlic on their 50 acre farm in Tenterfield since 1987. Dick grew up on an organic farm in Ireland and immigrated to Australia in 1975. They have followed organic practices for years and have been certified organic for some time. They have always grown their own vegetables without pesticides. It is not only a health issue for themselves and others but for the health of the land as well. They love that this form of farming / food production is growing, especially in cities.

Growing garlic was originally an experiment with the next door neighbour who was in the food industry and Dick and Dora thought that perhaps they could grow it and their neighbour could market it. Dick sourced his garlic from Northern China. The AGA (Australian Garlic Association) brought in 96 samples to try, and of those the Oriental Purple grew the best. Although a smaller garlic, it has the same intensity of flavour as a larger variety, measured by its high allicin and alliin content. Dick and Dora also grow a larger variety of garlic – Russian garlic – which has huge cloves, but with a slightly less intense flavour.

Tenterfield is a cold area, sometimes down to –12°C, and experiences frosts. These are ideal conditions for the Oriental Purple variety of garlic.

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