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David & Tammy Litzow

Tammy and Dave Litzow of Black Crow Organics have owned their farm at Tenthill near Gatton for around 17 years. Before this, the farm was run as a conventional potato farm, but now it is much more of a family farm, with Tammy and Dave taking care of most of the day to day work, and their kids helping out when they can. All the crops produced at Black Crow are organic, as Tammy and Dave believe that organic food is more natural and healthier.

The farm became certified organic about 9 years ago and it has been transformed from what it once was to a farm with far healthier soil and the highest quality A grade organic produce (with a healthy family too!). They even have some worms which are over 30cm long! Black Crow Organics like Food Connect as we buy directly from the farm, which means cutting out the middle men and results in customers getting fresher produce. Usually if they pick something one day it will be delivered to Food Connect subscribers the next day, which is pretty amazing.

David and Tammy also feel that supporting local, chemical spray free and organic farming supports a sustainable future.

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