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Cacao Girl

Cacao Girl was founded by Lindy Tilburey, a Brisbane Chef with a passion for health, fitness, and eating
real food.

Not wanting to eat the regular, highly processed, highly unhealthy conventional
chocolate found in supermarkets, Lindy started making her own. Starting with
pure, Organic raw ingredients, and made from scratch, fresh with minimal
processing. Lindy started making chocolates for family and friends and branched
out into other raw sweets. And just like that Cacao Girl was created.

Lindy has handed the reins over to the Di, but the treats remain just as amazing!

Cacao Girl uses all Organic Ingredients and sources ingredients locally whenever possible, including local organic Honey and Coffee beans. Keep an eye out for seasonal treat varieties using even more local ingredients.
Cacao Girl aims to create delicious, nutritious, guilt free treats that everyone can
enjoy. They are crafted right here, in the Food Connect Salisbury
Homestead kitchen.

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