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Brian & Marianne Keating

“Tatiara Farm” is located in the small farming district of Duranbah, in the hills behind Cabarita on the eastern side of the Tweed Valley in northern NSW – about 20 Kms South of the Queensland border. Tatiara (a region in South Australia) is reportedly an indigenous word meaning “good country”. The deep red volcanic soils, high rainfall (on average around 1800mm) and mild subtropical climate create an excellent growing environment for subtropical fruit.

The farm is run as a weekend operation by Brian and Marianne Keating – sustainable farming practices are a priority. The main tree crops on the farm are custard apples and avocado. Small numbers of mango, macadamia, pawpaw, banana, jackfruit, citrus and pecans are also grown primarily for local consumption. The Jaboticaba (or Brazilian grapes) were planted about 25 years ago by a former owner who raised a large family on a cornucopia of fruit trees growing on this small 11 acre property. These slow growing trees are now around 4m high and 4m across bearing heavy crops of grape-like fruit directly on the trunk and branches a few times a year.

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