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Produce Report- Week 7

Produce Report- Week 7


The long-awaited moment of summer is here. The Black Muscat grapes from Tom Dunn are ready to be picked. Tom reports they’re very sweet and good-sized, and the skin is slightly paler due to extreme heat. He’s expecting good yields thanks to netting covering most of his rows. Not a berry left for Tom and family where there’s no net, but the birds are flying really fast in the neighbourhood!

Enjoy the local stone fruit season while you can, Shane Halloran still has some peaches and nectarines. We hope you enjoy the fragrance and sweetness of the Glenn mangoes from Richard Patton, they should ripen just perfectly on your bench in a few days. This is the last week for them, but Paul Flower has promised a little return of the KPs for us in the coming weeks.

The super-local Dragon fruit from Mrs Do at Taringa is tasting amazing this year, with slightly more citrusy tang than usual, so make sure to add some to your extras order. We might have a few spare for the set boxes as well. The Clarks of Woombye are worried about water for their veggies, but the Pineapples are obviously loving the warmth. They’re good size and Darren is picking them rather green to avoid pest issues. As the season progresses, they’ll get smaller and riper on arrival to the homestead, which will leave us warehouse crew to make sure we take care of sorting, storing and fruit flies. Just as you might do at home, we set up a few apple cider vinegar traps in our 18 degree room and let them choose the juice they like. A reminder - pines suffer from chilling injury if stored below 15 degrees (or even 20C depending on which guide you read) and so here’s a challenge for you - store them in a cool place, but not in your fridge. Once cut, wrap it  and refrigerate, but eat soon after removing it from the fridge.

David Cox has dropped off his Williams pears to us last week and we let them ripen up for you a little. This week he’s bringing freshly picked Red Sensations. You will see some of each in the boxes and we will give you a mix of varieties as Extras.

Dennis Angelino is putting a lot of effort into picking new season Gala apples which he has to time just right. To our luck, he’s an expert with decades of experience with dry apple farming up his sleeve. We might even see a sprinkling of Ginger Golds here and there which are a rarity and Luke would say to me “don’t even mention them” because they’re gone before they arrive not to mention there’s very few to start with.


It’s hard not to talk about hot weather here when all the farmers mention it in some way or another. Darren Clark is running out of water, the Steads are picking at 3am and throwing away hundreds of little “Christmas tree” lettuces in the field, Danny at LettuceBee struggles with the water in his aquaponic bays getting too warm...and the story goes on. On the bright side, we still have grown locally greens that get to your fridge within 48 hours or less - in the middle of summer. Let’s hope for a bit of rain and some cooler nights.

Another nice surprise from the Dunns is the Rattlesnake Bean. Similar to a French bean and you can eat it as such, but with little purple blotches on the skin.

Bob Raabe’s Ruby Lous we’ve been enjoying lately are finished, but he has dug some Melody spuds for us for the boxes this week. They’re a disease-resistent all-rounder, rather firm-cooking with a smooth skin. Mal Smith’s Sebagoes complete the mix for the time-being.


Michelle from Ugly Duck preserves has whipped up a bigger jar of Tomato Relish which has proven popular. Now coming in a 250ml jar you can relish the whole family with it, resting assured you're serving concentrated local ecological goodness made with love and care.

Jakub (The very temporary Procurement Guy)