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Produce Report- Week 14

Produce Report- Week 14

The aftermath of cyclone Debbie will definitely have an impact on what is available this week.  A week’s worth of rain has left rhubarb with rotten wet feet at Glenn’s place.  It could be a while before it returns.

The amazing pineapple season is tailing off - fruit are getting a bit smaller and less numerous.  It’s been a particularly good season with the early dry warm weather - let’s hope the next big flush in late spring is as good!

kiwi fruit are not far away at Ros Cairns, although I did speak to her before the heavier rain yesterday.  Ros does have good drainage, not to mention fantastic views so fingers crossed her dexter, hayward and bruno fruit will be here in a few weeks.  

So for a little while until mandarins, avocados and kiwi Fruit start, there will be plenty of summerdel and gala apples in the boxes, as well as winter cole and beurre bosc pears.  The winter coles squatter than a bosc, with a similar flavour and slightly smoother flesh. We have come to develop a real liking  for them at the Homestead!

While we can’t enjoy fresh figs all year round, you can enjoy Fig Jam from Michelle at Ugly Duck. Michelle’s jams are batch made, just the way your would at home- with figs from Shane Halloran and sugar from Northern NSW.

Everyone’s favourite green tree shaped veggie is back in earnest this week, courtesy of David and Tammy at Black Crow. Now given the amount of rain that has fallen around that area we won’t be able to take broccoli for granted in the coming weeks but they are a resilient lot so I’m sure we will see broccoli continue as well as cauliflower and cabbages in the near future.

Ian and Bev MacKinnon have started harvesting some beetroot at their farm near Blackbutt.  They are not big growers of beetroot so do it bunched with leaves on. You can use the leaves in a salad or wherever you use kale or silverbeet.  In fact the bright colours of the leaves and tubers is a hint that it’s one of the healthiest vegetables going around.  

Beans are still in abundance and although the sugarsnap peas at Jon Dukamps did not hold up in the rain there are plenty of snow peas.   

Easter is almost upon us - if you can’t resist getting into the spirit just a little early, Leavain has hot cross buns available from this week.  Available in wheat and the ever popular spelt, they are of course best toasted with dollops of butter. Adding fig jam might just be a little over the top.

With cold weather approaching we have the potent fire cider back from Buchi. While making no health claims, the fire cider follows age old recipes that many folk swear by, but be warned it is an intense experience for you and any lurgies it hits!