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Produce Report- Week 12

Produce Report- Week 12


The fruit train keeps rolling on with persimmon land the next destination for us. Kylie and Mick Carr have taken over the farm this year from Heinz and Angela Gugger in the Mary Valley. Thankfully the Carrs have decided to continue on with the holistic farming regime that Heinz put into place on the farm. Essentially, this is all about nurturing the soil as the best source of good nutrients for the trees. We have discovered over the years that the persimmons, peaches and nectarines produced in this way are out of this world. Heinz is now busy as a full time farming consultant, and I expect he will be of great benefit to some of our farmers in the near future. The Carrs’ persimmons are all of the non-astringent type.  This means they won’t turn your tongue furry at any stage! You can eat them firm like an apple, or leave them to ripen like and peach or kiwi fruit till they are sickly sweet. Persimmons are also versatile enough to lend themselves to many savoury recipes, so let your creative juices flow.

Dennis Angelino has some more aurora sunset peaches for us and perhaps some golden queens depending on how the weekend pick goes. Although in small numbers, the peaches are much improved on last year - they have a wonderful dense flesh that will get even better if you let them fully ripen till soft. There are more apples coming soon, including granny smiths, plus the first decent crop of fujis from trees Dennis grafted specifically for us a few years ago.

We are hoping for more figs this week compared to last week when a rainy Sunday and Monday made it difficult to pick and grade at Shane Hallorans. Just down the road, Tom Dunn has finished with his black muscats but has ruby red seedless to replace them for this week and hopefully one more week.  



The rain last Monday almost derailed the vegetable train at Steve and Julie Steads, with a heavy downpour, wind and lightning arriving just as they were finishing the pick. We almost missed out on all their vegies last week! They are harvesting Silverbeet regularly now so fans can order on extras, plus the mini red cos are back to make a more interesting 2 pack!  

We have just a few carrots left here for this week, but now the Bauers and Googa’s season extended run has finished, we will have to wait till around June for more carrots. This has been a fantastic local run of everyone’s favourite orange root crop. On the other hand, you are probably sick of the sight of them, so thank goodness for seasonal food! In just a few weeks you can sink your teeth into broccoli and cauliflowers from the Lockyer and this week we also have some fire candle radish (like a skinny red carrot) to complement the carrots.  

I’m very excited this week to announce to all the Food Connect canine customers that we finally have a product for them. As a newish owner of a 4 month Labrador/Kelpie Lulu I was shocked that she was far from interested in the vet endorsed dried kibble food we bought for her. Just afterwards we were approached by a Food Connect customer (Diana Scott) who is on a mission to remove caged animal meat from the food chain. As a pet lover she wanted to start by producing a pet food with the ethics that we all look for in our own food.  She has created an amazing food made from free Range meat, organic veg plus free range eggs and other goodies. Made in a human food grade facility, the food is freeze dried (not cooked) to lock in the nutrients. You just add water before your pooch devours it. Our Lulu always licks the bowl and begs for more! We have trial packs available for purchase this week, and in a couple of weeks Diana will have new stock available in the larger pack sizes.  Diana’s hard work is paying off with rave reviews and many satisfied dogs!

Luke (Procurement Guy)