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Bernie Scolford

Bernie Scolford's Prestige Organic Coffee is a certified organic coffee roaster founded in 2001. Proud of their Biological Farmers of Australia granted certification, Prestige Organic Coffee is also Fair-trade accredited, in line with their policy within our business is that everyone from the farmers to the customers must benefit. Prestige coffee research and development has earned them Gold and Silver and bronze medals finishing third overall in the CSR Sugar Golden Bean. Bernie Scotford's first contact with Food Connect was with Robert Pekin back when it was starting. His background is growing up on a coffee plantation in PNG at grass-roots local level, and he likes to see the same grass-roots level at Food Connect. He says "people at Food Connect are attuned to nature, and they see the earth is more important than anything else" and he's always happy to work with people like this.

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