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Backfatters - Shane and Julia

Our story is probably not like your normal tree change story.  It begins like everyone else's with a love of good food, animals, clean country air and beautiful Aussie landscapes.   

That is where the similarities end. 

However our big horny Boar Romeo had other plans for us and after breaking down four fences he mated with all our girls in the one afternoon. If you have never seen an animal smile you have never seen a horny boar have his way with 6 ladies.

Six years ago we brought a disused cane paddock to start our self- sufficency dream of growing all our own food.

 What a life changing journey it has been!

 We run two types of rare breed heritage pigs the Large Blacks and the Berkshires.We sadly out grew our little farm in Far North Queensland and have just recently moved to a much bigger farm in the North Burnett called Deglibo.

 Running a birth to bacon business was never our intention.

Three months, three weeks and three days later  our lovely ladies Wahini, Queenie, Warto, Beardy,Terri and Susan gave birth to 60 healthy babies in the one night. After wetting all the babies heads with a home brewed gin and when we sobered up we realised we were now heritage breed pork producers!

 We started selling our delicious true free range pork at the markets and realised that we could not have a sustainable business unless we took back control of how our animals were processed.  After putting out an SOS on Facebook we were able with great local support to keep our little boutique business alive. With the help of the community we were able to re-open the local abbattior which ment that our animals have a stress free trip of ten minutes where before they had a 4 hour journey.

 On top of re-opening the abbattior we also converted an old burger van into an on farm butchery and smoke house so we could do it all right here from the farm.

  Shane is now a qualified meat inspector, I qualified with Humane Choice to become a pig stock woman and we now have two butchers working full time to help us keep up with the growing demand for our heritage pork and chemical nitrate free smoked goods. 

Our beautiful but naughty Heritage breed pigs are raised on chemical free pastures and are fed a diet that was especially designed for these breeds. Their healthy diet contains a locally grown corn that is GMO free, meat meal and fish meal free and free of antibiotics.  This along with a stress free life roaming the paddocks sees us producing an old fashioned style pork that is full of flavour and tastes like pork used to taste.

 All our love and hard work have seen us win a bronze medal in the Sausage King competition for our pure pork sausages.  We are also the only meat producer to make the finals three years running for the prestigious ABC Delicious Produce awards with us winning the coveted Artisan producer of the year award for our naturally cured chemical free smoked goods.

 All our ham and bacon is cured naturally with a celery extract and all our products are gluten free.  We use traditional recipes and never put fillers in our sausages, just real good meat.  In doing this we produce a product that not only tastes good it is good for you too.y a few hours from the bright lights of Brissy and the Sunshine coast where you can find us most weekends atthe farmers markets

We hope you enjoy our goodies as much as we enjoy producing them.


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