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Alexina Johnson

"The Johnson family live on a farm in the Obi Obi Valley. Their aim has been to have two hundred acres of productive farmland. After planting fifty acres of hardwood timbers on the back hills of the property, they planted one thousand olive trees. While waiting for these to mature, they also planted five hundred camellia senesis trees for green tea. Some sixteen years later, the Johnsons have had their eighth successful olive season picking and crushing all through March and April. The olives are processed on the farm.

Obi Obi Green Tea was the first of the increasing number of green and olive leaf tea varieties produced by Alexina. Three years ago a solar drier was built so that the tea production side of the business could expand. This drier is efficient because of the use of direct sunlight as well as the electricity from the solar panels on the near-by olive processing shed. This electricity powers the overhead fans and exhaust fans. Alpacas were originally acquired to help keep down the weeds in the olive grove and to supply manure for the olives and tea bushes. However their wool is now being hand spun and has become the third product under the Obi Obi Essentials label. A market garden has now been established and it is anticipated that the vegetables grown there will become the fourth arm of this growing farming enterprise

The family's philosophy has always been to produce excellent produce with on-farm processing. The use of simple methods on the farm adds value to the quality products with strong emphasis on clean and green all through the chain of non-certified organic production. This philosophy fits neatly into the Food Connect value chain where we can provide a high quality, unique product to the consumer while offering information about its origin and inputs. The food chain has been shortened so that there is still pride of ownership by the grower and product understanding by the end user.

Food Connect also gives the City Cousins an opportunity to visit our place so that we all understand each other’s needs and expectations as well as providing an opportunity for the visitors to see the beginning through to the end of growing and processing.


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